Monday, February 21, 2011

My Boundless Moment

Boundless- endless, without time
Moment- an indefinintely short period of time; instant

A lot of things can happen in a moment.

In fact, while I was typing my last post, which only took about thirty minutes, I received a phone call.  I looked down at the phone that said, "Dad calling..." Why was my dad calling me? He usually stays super busy during work hours, so this was different.  My stomach did a somersault.  That phone call was one of the worst phone calls of my life.  I found out that my granddad had passed away.  It was in that moment that time seemed to stop.  I was in shock.  I knew he had been sick, but still, there's no way he could have died.  Not my granddad.  The one who took me to school and picked me up every day.  The one who played basketball with me after school.  The one who taught me about Jesus and baptized me in the same river that he was baptized many years ago.  The one who taught me how to drive when I was 12. The one who roofed houses until he was 87 years old.  Not him.  I found it quite ironic that I was talking about change in my post and in that boundless moment my life changed forever.

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